The Le Val
shell chapel

Like many areas in France, Provence Verte & Verdon offers some outstanding and even secret places. We take you to discover a special gem of which there are only seven examples in France. Situated on the road between Brignoles and Le Val, the uniqueness of Notre Dame de Pitié chapel lies in the shell decoration.


A village of traditions, a way of life and traditional festivals, Le Val and its inhabitants are always ready to share their cultural riches. A short walk in the village will take you from the Crèche Museum to the old oil mill where exhibitions are held, from the pretty "Gorguettes" garden, with a beautiful aqueduct, to the Paradou garden theatre and from the old wash house to the Dîme gate.


For over 30 years, Le Val’s Foire à la Saucisse has been held on the first weekend of September. It continues a tradition begun over 350 years ago. Fraternity parades, folklore groups, brass bands and standard bearers, together with a host of people from the village and the surrounding area, communicate the excitement to all the participants. The agenda includes pork-themed tastings and contests.


The chapel was built in 1654. Decorated with shells and pebbles, it has eight niches on the façade which once housed statues that have since disappeared. Inside, the chapel is abundantly decorated with shells. The wall of the apse represents the Calvary, a rock planted with three crosses, symbolizing the Passion of Christ. The rock has a niche where there was once a pietà. The chapel and its four oratories have been listed as Historical Monuments since 2000.

In 2019, the chapel was selected for lottery funding. The aim was to raise funds to restore the chapel’s interior. Major restoration work on the façades and exteriors has been completed. Visitors should note that the chapel is located down from a busy road. Please do not park on the side of the road. Parking is available in front of the chapel.