An area with
2 parks

Provence Verte & Verdon has no less than two Regional Natural Parks within its territory: the Verdon in the north, and Sainte Baume in the south. Venturing into a protected natural area is something that should be taken seriously. But you might well think that as it is childishly simple walking in this environment would be completely harmless.


Like an open book covering geology, fauna, flora and human history, the park's territory offers a wide variety of landscapes and environments. With a third of France's flora, it is unique. Along with the Durance river, the Verdon - 165 km long with a storage capacity of 434 million m² - is the water tower of Provence. It supplies high-quality drinking water to the region's major cities. The Verdon park takes its name from a valiant river that has carved out a spectacular landscape through the rocky masses of the pre-Alps.

Since prehistoric times humans have shaped the landscapes of a difficult terrain that has never been a land of plenty. An enormous amount of inventive and constant work by nature and humankind, combined with the combination of Alpine and Mediterranean influences have created an extremely prolific environment for flora and fauna. Today the result is the remarkable and recognised richness of a territory that is neither a wilderness nor in any way similar to an amusement park.


The PNR de la Sainte Baume covers approximately 58,500 hectares and has a population of about 81,000. It straddles two departments: the Var and the Bouches du Rhônes. It is centred on the Sainte Baume mountain, a proper mountain culminating at 1147 metres above sea level, with spectacular landscapes.

Its proximity to the sea and the Alps means it benefits from a triple bioclimatic and biogeographical influence resulting in an abundance of water, both basic and precious in Provence, which has helped sculpt the mountain slopes. The conditions are ideal for the development of a wealth of fauna and flora. For some species it is the only place in the world they can be found.


Before finally making up your mind to go for a walk or a hike, here are a few essential preparations to ensure everything goes smoothly:

1 - Check your equipment: hat, shoes, sunscreen and water.

2 - Does the route reflect the ability level of all the participants?

3 - Check the website of the prefecture or of Provence Verte & Verdon to see whether the mountain ranges are open or closed. Every year from 19 June to 20 September, the Var Prefecture regulates access, traffic and parking on certain roads that serve the 9 Var forest massifs. The system informs walkers about the possibility of access to the forest areas and the risk of forest fires.

Walking in a protected natural area is not innocuous so in order to respect the natural life of the site it is important to take a few precautions.

  • Show respect for nature and other visitors.
  • Stay on the marked trails and respect private property.
  • Take a bin bag for picnic, snack and other rubbish. Then use the bins provided on the car parks.
  • Do not disturb the wildlife.
  • Do not pick flowers or plants because they are protected. Nevertheless, you may take photos or draw them.