Provence Verte & Verdon is THE place for lovers of nature and fishing in particular - a local tradition. Here, everything is organized so that, with family or friends, your fishing trip will be pure joy. The fishing federation has planned everything for the angler's comfort: the layout, your accommodation on the waterside and everything you need to make it unforgettable. 


A stone's throw from the village, the Sainte Suzanne lake, also called "Lac de Carcès", allows only fishing. Tranquillity is therefore the key word. On the left bank, a path leads you along the water’s edge where you can select your fishing peg. You can leave your car in the car park, and a leisure area offers fast food and games in the shade, if you decide to bring the family. The perch and pike in the lake lend themselves well to lure fishing. The carp, some of which are over 25 kg, offer you the opportunity for a record catch if you enjoy this modern form of fishing that is also authorized at night (regulated fishing).

There are also plenty of fishing pegs on the right bank. Go along the lake on the main road to the dam. The restaurant "La Guinguette du Lac" is ideal for a meal with family or friends, with the conversation revolving around fishing, of course!


Carcès, the village

The old village of Carcès winds up and around its medieval chateau. The numerous houses with their glazed tile facades give it a special charm and character. Other facades in trompe l'oeil tell the story of the village over the years. And here, there is water everywhere...

Village highlights

The many façades with their glazed tile “scales” are generally on the east side of the houses to protect them from the rain during storms, which can sometimes be violent. The oldest houses are thought to date from the 18th century, and a few houses from that period are still preserved and maintained with care. Their fine, warm colours and geometric layout are typical of the village.


When the waters begin to warm up in May, pole fishing gives excellent results for beginners until the middle of autumn. Rudd and bream are abundant in the waters of the lake. In conclusion, Sainte Suzanne lake is the ideal place for learning how to fish! 


The Caramy falls

The river, which rises in the Sainte Baume mountains, crosses Provence Verte & Verdon from west to east before flowing into the Argens river in Carcès. The waterfalls are beautiful and it’s a great place for hiking.

The wine cooperative

Known as "Le Hameau des Vignerons" (winemakers’ hamlet) since 1910, it is the 3rd largest wine cooperative in the Var with 600 hectares of vines. Production is essentially centred on rosé wines. The Hameau's shop welcomes the public for wine tastings and purchases.

A gîte for fishing

This beautiful 70 m² fully renovated apartment sleeps 6. Positioned on the edge of Carcès lake, it is the ideal place for a fishing trip with family or friends. Thanks to its quiet environment with a view over the lake and nestled in a green setting, it is the ideal place to recharge your batteries, but also for going walking, cycling, or of course fishing. The gîte is 6km from the village.

For further information or to book, call the Tourist Office Reservation Centre on 04 94 72 88 22 and ask for gîte no. 806 (please note there is a minimum stay of 2 nights).