Climbing in
the Vallon Sourn

Located between Correns, the leading organic village in France, and Châteauvert, the Sourn valley is an unspoilt paradise. Here, natural beaches have been created for swimming or family picnics. It is also world famous for its climbing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, there is something for everyone. For climbing enthusiasts, the setting is just as important as the quality of the climbs. So don’t wait any longer - you won't be disappointed.

Being in this pure natural setting is a privilege. Perched above the Sourn valley, the river Argens flows peacefully at your feet. Even the departmental road does not threaten your peace and quiet. In fact, access to the area is regulated. Parking and access zones are marked out for your convenience and to protect the ecosystem. The road that winds its way at the foot of the cliffs is also a very practical way of changing climbing sectors quickly if you want to.


You’ll be delighted to learn that access to the routes is via small trails. A short walk will suffice and serve as a warm-up. Châteauvert is a kingdom of very vertical, sometimes even overhanging routes on excellent dolomite limestone. But contrary to its reputation as an extreme cliff face, it isn't only frequented by high level climbers.

The site is a marvel for more reasonable routes. If you are tempted to climb, there's no excuse because there are as many 5, 6 and 7 graded routes as there are 8. Climbing here is climbing in a wonderful place, out of the ordinary - magical for some. No wonder this site has an international reputation. Climbing here can be shared with family or friends but it is also a great cosmopolitan opportunity to share with all the different nationalities that climb here. A good excuse to improve your English!


The Vallon Sourn has two banks: the right bank is wild and the left bank is suitable for climbing. As we are in Provence and thanks to the south facing cliff, it is ideal in autumn and spring. In summer, climb in the afternoon and in winter, in the morning.


Type: Cliff face
Height: 20 to 40 metres
200 routes in 36 sectors Grades: From 3a to 8b

  • “Les enfants du Roc” - 6a “Caldonite” - 6c+
  • “Cap Horn” - 7ac
  • “Are you ready” - 8bc
  • “L’incroyable rocher” - 7ac
  • “Couleurs du charme” - 7b+c
  • “Réveil matin” - 6bc
  • “Neuroméditation” - 6cc

A special guide, "Climbing in Provence Verte", is on sale in all the visitor reception points in the area for €20.