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The village

This village, which can now be by-passed via an alternate route, is nonetheless well worth a visit. The olive trees, at the eastern entrance to the village, are beautiful. The shops are like in times past, the Café Paul is true to its origins, and is a fine place to take a break and listen to the latest galéjades (tall stories). Along the little streets, the beautiful houses have kept all their authenticity.

Tuesday market

Here too the big market is a place to meet up. All the year round, sellers bring their loyal customers all the savour of local produce, goats’ cheese, green or black olives of every kind, mild or tangy olive oil, fruits and vegetables in line with the seasons. Lots of other market stalls add colour and diversity.

Communal oven

The communal oven in Place Gueit is over 500 years old. 100 kg of dough can be baked in a single batch. Here you can see all the tools used to prepare the oven and bake the bread: types of spatulas and bread servers, known here as the diable, the escoubiou, the palon and the paline, but also a fine kneading trough, and large and small wicker baskets. The oven is still used twice a year: for the batch of Saint John (in June) and the Christmas batch.

Secondhand goods dealers

For bargain hunters, secondhand and car boot sales take place in April and October. The village fills up with visitors in search of that special object.

Saint Felix Chapel

This attractive, restored chapel, a few minutes’ walk away from the centre of the village as you go towards the cemetery, is open to the public on Tuesday and Friday from 2 to 4 p.m.

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