Nejron Photo - Fotolia : Coucher de soleil dans le Verdon

The Verdon Gorges

The biggest canyon in Europe

The Verdon Gorges are in the north of Green Provence. This is the biggest canyon in Europe, with truly breathtaking landscapes. It is also an ideal spot for swimming with your family or for whitewater sports.

Gigantic dimensions

The source of the Verdon is at an altitude of 2819 metres in the Col d'Allos. It then joins the River Durance in Vinon-sur-Verdon. Its total length is 175 km. But what is truly amazing is the height of the cliffs, from 250 to 700 metres, with the width ranging from 6 to 100 metres, and from 200 to 1500 metres at the summit of the gorges.

Philippe LERIDON - Fotolia : Vue du haut des Gorges

Water sports

Fans of water sports are familiar with the Verdon as it is one of the most legendary spots for canyoning, river boarding, but also for canoeing and electric boating. For young or old, with family or friends, on the lakes or on the Verdon itself, everyone can find something to suit them.

Lower Gorges: the Jewel of the Verdon

The Esparron and Montmeyan lakes are the northern gates to Green Provence. Here you can enjoy a picnic, sail a pedal boat or go canoeing. But the real highlight is exploring the wild and unspoilt landscapes of the lower gorges in an electric boat. Without a sound apart from the lapping of the water, and breathtaking images for a decor, this is the setting for wonderful discoveries.

Lake Esparron

Marc CECCHETTI - Fotolia : Lac d'Esparron

This artificial lake is in the north of Green Provence, not far from the village of Saint Julien Le Montagnier. Lake Esparron is a major water leisure centre. As elsewhere on the River Verdon, you can fish here, but motor boats are forbidden. But you can explore the area in a pedal boat or an electric boat.

Lake Montmeyan

Provence Verte : Lac de Montmeyan

Near the village of Montmeyan, not far from Quinson, "Montmeyan beach” is at the entrance to the lower gorges, a wild, unspoilt part of the Verdon. This is a real jewel, an exceptional spot for a family picnic, which you can explore in a pedal boat or electric boat.

Quinson Museum

Musée préhistorique de Quinson

At the heart of the Verdon gorges, the Prehistory Museum, built by the English architect, Norman Foster, is one of the biggest in Europe. It contains several different areas: a cave (1st habitat), a village and a conference centre and permanent exhibition area. All the exhibits and objects on display come from excavations carried out in the Verdon between 1957 and 1971.

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