Beaches, the seaside

Porquerolles (45 min - 45 km)

The pearl of the “Golden Islands” is situated only 10 minutes by boat from the landing stage on the Giens peninsula. You can visit the island on foot or by mountain bike. From the harbour, you can set off to discover the island’s two faces: the wild coast with its steep cliffs and plunging inlets, and the beaches, with their fine sand and turquoise waters.

The Plage d'Argent has some of the finest beaches in the Var department. The sand is very fine and a gentle silver colour. Just five minutes from the village, this is the ideal beach for families, with a gentle slope leading down to the water. At the beach restaurant, you can have a meal while savouring the breathtaking view over the blue sea.

The history

“ The island has been visited since antiquity. In the 17th century, it became a strategic military centre, leading to the construction of several defensive fortresses (particularly by Richelieu and Napoleon). The island became the property of the Fournier family in 1912, at a period when vineyards and market gardens were developed. Since 1971, it has been owned by the state and is now a National Park. ”

Almanarre, Mourillon, Pradet (30 min - 35 km)

Almanarre beach in Hyères is a long strip of sand running for nearly 5 kilometres in parallel with the salt road. Its fine sand and crystal-clear waters make it one of the most pleasant beaches on the Var coast. Here there is a range of water sports, including windsurfing and kitesurfing. You can also enjoy the view over the former saltworks of Hyères, an important halting place and habitat for flamingoes.

At Mourillon in Toulon, there is a series of four easily accessible beaches. They have been regularly awarded the ‘’Blue Pavilion'' label since 2009, a guarantee of exemplary environmental quality (photo on the left).
The Bonnettes beach in Le Pradet (photo on the right) is perfectly adapted to families, with its golden sand and small pebbles. This natural, protected creek is surrounded by wooded cliffs.

Windsurfing, Kitesurfing
A Surfers’ Paradise

“ When the Mistral blows, Almanarre beach is one of the best spots for kitesurfing and windsurfing. The sight of hundreds of sails is unforgettable. The range of colours provides a wonderful contrast with the azure blue sky in the background. Sensations guaranteed… ”

Bormes, La Londe, Lavandou (38 min - 36 km)

The Bormes, Mimosas and Londe Les Maures beaches are among the most wild and natural in the Var region. Behind the beaches, there is a line of overhanging pine trees, and then some prestigious vineyards. Here you can dive into crystal-clear waters. At Lavandou, a whole host of water activities are on offer (sea excursions and trips, underwater diving).

Make the most of your trip to visit the Fort de Brégançon. Many vineyards also welcome visitors to taste regional wines.

Fort de Brégançon
Guided visit

“ Visit the former presidential residence, a real fortress perched above the blue sea. If only the walls could speak…
Inside, there are six rooms blending Louis XVI, Empire and Louis-Napoleon styles, with the chapel sitting room arranged by Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and the green sitting room decorated by Bernadette Chirac. The high point of the visit is the President’s study on the first floor of the east tower. You can reserve your tickets at the Bormes Tourist Office. ”

Calanques de Cassis (41 min - 38 km)

Set off to explore the Calanques de Cassis, a magnificent series of limestone cliffs plunging down into the Mediterranean, between Cassis and Marseille, and stretching for some 20 kilometres in a listed site of over 4000 hectares. Here you can try your hand at underwater diving, climbing and hiking or take a traditional tourist boat trip.

This is the epitome of a fragile environment. In 2012 it became the Calanques National Park, with the aim of preserving the site and guaranteeing access for future generations, without damaging it, as well as raising awareness among visitors and encouraging a more respectful approach to the environment.
No less than 20 km of footpaths make their way across the Calanques. Of particular note is the Petit Prince footpath, with the aim of raising awareness of the site’s specificities. Ideal for families.

Your ticket
to the Calanques

“ Don’t miss this jewel of the Mediterranean. Take a very pleasant boat trip to discover the famous and splendid Calanques de Cassis, with the chance to see these fascinating landscapes from the sea. ”

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