Provençal markets and typical Provence villages

Provençal markets

First of all, make sure you take your basket. Breathe in the aromas of thyme, garrigue and the bouquets of lavender, and stroll through the markets of Green Provence (Brignoles, Saint Maximin, Cotignac, Garéoult, etc.). Find some real local specialities, from goats’ cheese to crushed olives, and not forgetting the morning’s fresh vegetables...

Make the most of the morning and the friendly atmosphere to meet our local producers, who will be happy to give you a taste of their produce. There is a wide choice among all the savours and colours of the South.

The ideal shopping basket
from a Provençal market

“ The ideal shopping basket would include two fine melons with a wonderful aroma, a few picholine olives for the aperitif, a nice fougasse to go with them, six crunchy little courgettes, a few red peppers and some juicy tomatoes for the ratatouille, a small goats’ cheese to round it all off, plus some sweet-smelling olive oil to blend everything together, some honey and jam, a bunch of asparagus, a punnet of wild strawberries and a truffle in winter. ”

Avenues, terraces, plane trees

In the shade of centuries-old plane trees, along the avenues (called ‘cours’ in the region and pronounced ‘courssses’), the village is alive with a thousand voices. In warm weather, the concert of cicadas is heard all through the day. This is the backbone of life in the village.

On the main avenues you will get a better grasp of the Provençe-style “dolce vita”…It is the ideal spot to take a seat on the terrace and enjoy a few refreshments, aniseed-flavoured or otherwise.

de Cotignac

“ It is nicknamed the Champs Elysées of Green Provence, and is the central axis of the village. On either side, the restaurants and café terrasses spread out. In the background, the tuf cliffs look down in all their grandeur. If you walk up to the top of the village, don’t forget to visit the troglodyte houses. ”

Fountains and Washing Places

The many watering places were once the scene of an intense social life, and still today provide some welcome notes of freshness.

The mossy fountains of Barjols are among the most impressive.

Fountain Circuit

“ Today there are no less than 20 fountains and 15 washing places in Barjols. For centuries, the village has been supplied with drinking water from the four rivers running through the village. In the past, they helped to power no less than 24 tanneries, 19 windmills, 3 paper mills and a laundry. With the help of the guide map provided by your Tourist Office, you can visit all 20 stages on the fountain circuit. ”

A Game of Boules

Aim for the jack! Make sure you keep your feet together (or tanqués, hence the French name of pétanque).

Take aim, then shoot or point, while steering well clear of Fanny...

the rules

“ It’s quite simple. The aim is to get your boules as close as possible to the jack (or cochonnet: piglet), a small wooden ball between 25 and 35 mm in diameter. The game is played in doubles or singles and the first to get to 13 points is the winner. ”

Historic town centres and little streets

Stroll through the little streets of our picturesque villages, in the shade of the plane trees on the town squares, and explore the old town centres. This has been the beating heart of the village all through the ages.

Steep alleyways and old stone with richly ornamented period doors. As you walk on, pay a visit to the chapels and the churches. If you raise your head, you will see the many richly worked bell towers.

An unusual visit
the Little Knights - Brignoles

“ Children, dressed up as knights, and their parents will be catapulted into medieval Brignoles with this treasure hunt / visit that has been specially adapted to young children. Set off for an aventure through the old winding streets before a well-deserved and generous snack. ”

Provençal markets and typical Provence villages : location of activity ideas