Have fun in Provence Verte

Our tourist office has concocted an exclusive programme of varied leisure activities at preferential prices including guided nature walks, water sports, equestrian activities, unusual village guided tours, museums and discovering vineyard and local farm products ...
Full information and required advance booking in your nearest Provence Verte tourist office or by phone (check our opening hours).
You can find all our offers on our website or download the “Amusez-Vous” brochure.

- 75 activities
- 50 service providers
- a choice of 2500 dates spread over the summer peak period
- activities for all ages

Activities to do in Provence Verte but also the region's “must see” places and locations such as the Calanques (creeks) of Cassis or the islands of Porquerolles.

Easy booking in our tourist offices.

An outstanding programme

Saddle up!

Choose from our variety of options and fully qualified service providers whether you are looking for horse and pony rides for your children or if you are a more experienced rider and fancy an enjoyable day ride through picturesque country landscapes.

Children can ride safely in a secured outdoor area and will also learn about basic horse care whilst you discover the surrounding flora on horseback. All our service providers are happy to welcome you for thematic rides and carriage rides

Horse riding through
the rich pastoral heritage of Provence Verte

“ A two-hour horseback discovery tour of the pastoral heritage of Provence Verte through the surrounding hills of the village of Le Val . A guided country ride through farms, rural buildings, pastoral areas and its flora. ”

Scenic tourist train rides or Vélorail

Enjoy an original rail trip and admire the scenic landscapes against a blue sky from a train window or from a Vélorail (rail-bike) route, both ideal family activities. For the tourist train you can choose from two daily departures either from Carnoules or Brignoles and for the Vélorail several daily departures from Pourcieux (prior booking required).

The Vélorail is a sort of giant bicycle that runs along a former railway track. On each side it has a saddle and pedals for two “drivers” and in the middle a seat for the passengers. The clicking of the wheels on the tracks sound just like a real train. This former railway track takes you through disused stations, vineyard landscapes and breathtaking views of the mythic Saint Baume mountain.

Enjoy a comfortable ride through the Issole valley and past the city of the counts of Provence on the tourist train and reminisce on times gone by.

The train driver

“ Our train travels through Provence Verte's hilly countryside past vineyards and forests on a disused railway track running between Brignoles and Carnoules. The train crew will talk to you about their passion for these “Michelines” trains and also about the region's history, its villages and landscapes. You can choose to set off in the morning and stop off on the way in one of the villages and take the next train back to your departure point. It will be a great pleasure for me to welcome you aboard our tourist train. ”

Unusual visits

Indulge in a fun and unusual visit of one of our villages. In Brignoles your children can invade the medieval streets dressed up as knights. In Barjols you can take part in a Bugade (laundry washing) in a real village lavoir with an authentic bar of Marseille soap just like the Bugadières (washerwomen) used to do in Provence.

Guided visits of cave dwellings, the crypt of the basilica of Mary Magdalene in Saint Maximin and visits of the town for children dressed up as cathedral builders of the Middle Ages can become a rich culturel moment of great fun with our lecturer-guides.

Audrey, Sandrine, Marie, Isabelle, Marion, Anne
Guides conférencières

“ Our guided tours are tailored to suit all needs and and devised by our tourist office team and Country of Art and History (Pays d'Art et d'Histoire) to ensure both historical accuracy and attractiveness. These tours are given by professional multilingual lecturer-guides who are happy to share their passion and fervour for the heritage of Provence Verte with you and will adapt their speech to different audiences and motivations (children or people with disabilities). ”

Guided nature walks

Enjoy two hours in the company of our qualified nature, naturalist or mountain guides. Our passionate professionals will be delighted to share the treasures and beauty of our best nature sites with you.

How about a gourmet vineyard tour and walk with Jennifer our certified sommelier guide, an introduction to fishing for children with Guillaume or a walking trail with Vincent with an insight to medicinal and healing plants .... a great programme tailored to suit all interests in an astounding, protected natural environment.

Plants that heal

“ We all know that since early times plants have nourished and provided medicinal remedies for mankind. During this guided walk to the Charterhouse of Montrieux you will learn how to identify the different medicinal and edible plants of our flora and gain an insight to their use and different vertues. This walk is also an opportunity to use all your senses and our nature guide you bring you to experience the surrounding sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes. ”

Meet our local producers

Discover the activities of a French winemaking cooperative and its role ? What about bottling your own personal vintage or scratching the earth to find truffles in the company of a professional truffle-hunter and his dog !

All these activities are at your fingertips thanks to our impassioned local producers. Wine, olive oil, truffles, honey ... the treasures of our terroir.

Traditional wine
bottling process

“ This original tour will take you back in time to the traditional wine bottling methods : after a visit of the winery you will be given the opportunity to create your own personal bottle of wine (filling, sealing, capping and labeling) that you can take home with you. Wine tasting offered at the end of the tour. ”

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