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Boating in the Verdon Gorges

At the edge of Green Provence, you can sail down the crystal-clear waters of the lower Verdon Gorges, between the lakes of Esparron and Quinson. This is a wonderful journey, where you can discover unspoilt and preserved nature along a 15-kilometre waterway surrounded by steep cliffs.

Lake Quinson, near Montmeyan, is the ideal place for water activities such as canoeing, pedal boating and electric boating. You can also make the most of the fresh water to enjoy a refreshing swim.

trying out canoeing on the Verdon

“ I was born in Green Provence, I’m the father of a teenage son and I regularly go canoeing along the Verdon from Lake Quinson to Lake Esparrron, a wonderful trip through dizzyingly high gorges. My son loves to dive into the water from the riverbank. The electric boat also gives us a chance to take Grandad and Grandma along with us. ”

Climbing in Vallon Sourn

Between Correns and Châteauvert, beside the River Argens, Vallon Sourn has fine landscapes between beaches and cliffs. It is a favourite spot for climbers, particularly at the very interesting and internationally renowned climbing site, the Bagarèdes Rocks. You could also try out the site at Val Obscur (known as “The Hacienda”) and lastly “La Roquette” site, which is more accessible, since it is reserved for beginners and their families.

At Vallon Sourn families, couples and friends can get together for a picnic on the beach at the water’s edge, and climbing fans can make the most of hundreds of climbing routes from 2a to 8b+. A privileged feeling...

amateur climber

“ I’m an amateur sportsman, aged 36, and I live in central Var. I’ve been climbing for a few years and I particularly like the Vallon Sourn site. Access to the climbing routes is easy, there are sanitary facilities nearby and the markings are very clear. This is a single-pitch rock (watch out for your fingers) leading up, after a few metres, to a breathtaking landscape. For a picnic break, the beaches of Vallon Sourn are just a few metres away. ”

Fishing in Lake Carcès

The biggest lake in Green Provence, and a real drinking-water source for the Toulon area, this is a paradise for fresh-water fishermen. With a surface area of 91 hectares, swimming and sailing are forbidden here. It is also an ideal spot for fans of ducks and drakes.

Lake Carcès is a favourite spot for fishermen. It is also an ideal place for walks with your family and a starting point for hikes around the lake towards the Caramy falls.

Get your fishing rods
the trout are biting

“ Young and old alike can come and discover the pleasures of trout fishing in the River Caramy.

Released trout and wild fish can be found here, and a chance to discover their natural environment.

Fishing with natural bait, casting and technical tips will help unlock the secrets of salmonid fishing. ”

Canoeing on the River Argens

Glide through the water. Board your canoe in the shade of luxuriant vegetation and discover the animals and plants of Green Provence. Ideal for fans of ducks and drakes. Between Chateauvert and Carcès, paddle down the Argens, the only river in the Var department (116 km long).

Two water leisure centres welcome visitors and organise itineraries adapted to all levels between Correns and Entrecasteaux. A series of canal locks, rapids and a gently sloping wild area.

Canoe hire
4 km Entrecasteaux

“ A ‘discovery’ route (4 km), ideal for trying out canoeing with your family and having fun. It is possible to take breaks on pebble beaches for a swim ”

In the big pool of Vallon des Carmes

The Vallon des Carmes is one of the attractions of the village of Barjols. This waterfall has been used in advertisements and is directly accessible from the centre of the village. A real jewel of unspoilt nature...

This is a 31-hectare natural area created by the waters of the River Fauvery, at the heart of Green Provence. Over time, two caves have been dug out to make a troglodyte chapel, a hermitage with its box-tree garden, a fountain and tuf stairs, and finally, a convent for the Discalced Carmelites.

The Vallon des Carmes

“ The spirit of the place is contemplative: the Carmes cave contains mystical treasures, while at the foot of the rock, two beaches encircling the waterfalls are always a source of wonder. ”

Preserved but fragile nature

Make your way towards the Caramy falls in Carcès between the village and lake of Carcès. A hike that is accessible to all. Don’t miss the double waterfall.

In Vins-sur-Caramy, take a break at the lake and dip your feet in the water. Then, a little further on, don’t miss the magnificent 3-arch Roman bridge.
In Tourves, in the Caramy Gorges, you can enjoy the abundant nature, and Manon des Sources’ favourite natural pool...

A Tourves dans les Gorges du Caramy, profitez d'une nature généreuse, piscine naturelle préférée de Manon des Sources...

Respecting nature
A few tips

“ The earth does not belong to mankind, mankind belongs to the earth. Many fragile and protected natural areas (some of which are Zone Natura 2000 sites) in Green Provence need to be treated with care. We must adopt a respectful attitude towards nature. A few tips: when you are out walking, keep your litter with you until you reach the next bin, stay on the footpath so as not to damage the plants all around, and never smoke in planted areas. ”

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