La Provence Verte's cheese

La Provence Verte is the home of many goat cheese farmers. Visit the goat-cheese farms and meet the cheese makers. Learn more about this important artisanal activity in Provence. Discover the various flavours of this tasty cheese: half-dry or soft, with different aging or 'affinage'. An authentic product of the Provençal 'terroir'.

Goat cheese

Taste this fresh, delicious and tasty cheese directly at the farm and meet the cheese-makers.

Goat cheese routes in La Provence Verte

Follow our goat cheese routes in La Provence Verte. Set off on an unforgettable cheese tasting trip and sample the different cheeses!

Angora goats and Mohair

Mohair is the wool produced by Angora goats ... A unique soft, silky, delicate fibre which is compared to cashmere. A great fibre for the cold winter days !