The wines of Provence Verte

For centuries, the winemakers of Provence Verte have cultivated the inimitable art of rosé winemaking . The bright, colourful and tasty, wines are a reflection of Provence's lifestyle. The rosés of Provence are a direct expression of the “terroir” with a great aromatic diversity, they all reflect the Mediterranean sun, soil, climate, and landscape.

Tasting of rosé wines of Provence

The regional wine cellars welcome you for visits and tastings of their wines. Taste the wines of Provence Verte in a wine-tasting bar and choose from the large range offered by the The Maison des Vins du Côteaux Varois (in the village of La Celle, near Brignoles).

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Wine Routes of Provence

Discover the different wine routes of Provence: by region, by topic or during related events and festivities. Meet the winegrowers and taste their 'nectar'.

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